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These are the animals, farm produce, and other items we currently have for sale from our farm.
(Note that other livestock may be available that are not yet listed here).

Please email us for more information or to reserve the animals of your choice.

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Dairy Goats

After nearly 50 years of building and refining a quality and diverse dairy goat operation, we have made the difficult decision to disperse our entire dairy goat herd. In the coming weeks, we will be providing detailed information about the animals available from our LaMancha, Alpine, Saanen and Nubian goat herds.

We would prefer to sell goats in large groups or as entire herds to folks interested in starting or growing their dairy operation. We will also consider individual and small group offers, especially for bucks. If you are interested in buying goats in large volume, please email us now to get in the queue and we will be in touch once we have an updated inventory.

Most of the does are bred and due to kid within the next couple of months. Several have kidded already and have kids at their side.

Once all goats have been sold, we will list any dairy equipment available on this page.

Effective immediately, we will not accept any new goat milk herd share requests or kid reservations.

- The Fenoglio family, 02/13/2022

For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale

Alpine Dairy Goats
Herd information coming soon
We have bucks and does available.
LaMancha Dairy Goats

All LaMancha does have been sold.
For Sale
Keno-Farm's TBD

LaMancha Buck
AGDA Registration #:   Application
DOB:   03/04/2021
Sire:   Sage Creek Farms Samuel (PL2048708)
Dam:   Keno-Farm's Black Irish Lace (PL1751021)
Price:   $350

Tattoo: N7 (1B)

For Sale
Keno-Farm's TBD

LaMancha Buck
AGDA Registration #:   Application
DOB:   03/06/2020
Sire:   Natural Choice Vaquero (PL1708006)
Dam:   Keno-Farm's Elfin (PL1557428)

Tattoo: M7 (2B)

Nubian Dairy Goats
Visit the Nubian Herd Sales page

We have bucks and a few does available.
Saanen Dairy Goats
Herd information coming soon
We have bucks and does available.

We have some 12 to 15 Red Brangus calves for sale each year.
They vary in the number of heifers and bulls as you might expect.
See our Beef Cattle page for more details and contact us for the availability at any given time.

Price:   Varies depending on weight and breed character

Heifer Heifer Heifer

Bull Bull

Farm Fresh Eggs

We usually have some fresh eggs available from our large flock of chickens. Because we keep a variety of chicken breeds, our eggs will range in size and color. Please email us in advance to confirm availability.
Hatching eggs available by special request

Price:   $4.00/dozen


We offer a limited number of India Blue Peafowl and offspring for sale from our free-range flock. Arrangements must be made in advance for pickup on all birds. Hatching eggs available by special request (when available).

We sell cocks as single birds, but do not sell hens only. Hens are available only as part of a pair purchase.

Cocks:   $125 each
Pairs:   $225 each
Hatchlings:   $35 each (when available)
Eggs:   $18/dozen

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