Saanen Bucks
Meet our current and past herdsires!

Keno-Farm's Big Casino
Keno-Farm's Big Casino

Purebred LaMancha Buck
AGDA Registration #:   L1508180
DOB:   10/11/08
Sire:   Cinco-De-Mayo RS Scotty
Dam:   Fairwoods Al's Lorelei

Casino is one of the handsomest bucks on the farm with a disposition to match. His dam is one of our best milkers, having a long lactation curve.

Keno-Farm's Big Casino Keno-Farm's Big Casino

Natural Choice Vaquero
Natural Choice Vaquero

Purebred LaMancha Buck
AGDA Registration #:   L1708006
DOB:   03/27/14
Sire:   Natural Choice Zorro
Dam:   Natural Choice DF Faith

A very handsome, well-bred young buck whose first kids were outstanding, he will be prominent in our breeding program.

Picture Coming Soon
Keno-Farm's Cash and Carry

Purebred LaMancha Buck
AGDA Registration #:   L1693674
DOB:   03/30/13
Sire:   Keno-Farm's Big Casino
Dam:   Fairwoods Hoelschers-Cinnamon

One of Casino's best kids out of our favorite doe. Cash has sired excellent offspring, including solid black doelings, something of a rarity. His disposition is amazing.

Reference Bucks
While these bucks are no longer active breeders in our herd, they remain a vital part of our herd's history and lineage.

Dream-Fire Lox Mighty Quinn
Dream-Fire Lox Mighty Quinn

Purebred LaMancha Buck
AGDA Registration #:   L1479226
DOB:   02/15/09
Sire:   *B Little Orchard TF Xavier
Dam:   South-Fork Sweet Xcite

Quinn was bred like LaMancha royalty, with an absolutely gorgeous South Fork dam. His kids have been very correct and growthy.

We lost Quinn suddenly this past summer but he left his mark of quality in our herd in several nice daughters.

Dream-Fire Lox Mighty Quinn
Keno-Farm's Prince Caspian
Keno-Farm's Prince Caspian

LaMancha Buck
AGDA Registration #:   L1579681
DOB:   02/16/11
Sire:   Dream-Fire Lox Mighty Quinn
Dam:   Fairwoods Al's Lorelei

Caspian is a huge, handsome buck with a background that reads like royalty. His grand dam is South Fork Sweet Excite, an amazing doe, and the remainder of his family tree is made up of Altrece (including Almost Legal and Faith In A Seed), Little Orchard, South Fork, Haute Caprine, and Fairwoods. His dam is a big, milky doe with a darling disposition. Altogether, he's the real deal in a LaMancha buck.

Picture Not Available
*B Cinco-De-Mayo Senneca's Shilo

Purebred LaMancha Buck
AGDA Registration #:   L1030197
DOB:   02/23/96
Sire:   *B Ok-Doe-Key Doc's Memo
Dam:   South-Fork Bi Senneca 3*M

Picture Not Available
Cinco-De-Mayo RS Scotty

Purebred LaMancha Buck
AGDA Registration #:   L1426610
DOB:   02/24/07
Sire:   *B Star's Hollow Rocky Mtn High
Dam:   Cinco-De-Mayo RS Sylvia

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