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Welcome to Keno! Farms

Keno! Farms is located in Central Texas about 20 miles north of Austin, on the edge of the Hill Country. The farm takes its name from the old gambling game; when we moved here in 1971 it was the biggest gamble we had made. We were looking for a place to raise our family and build a good life, and happily this was the place. We found three other couples, who were interested for different reasons, in buying a part of a large farm. We bought an old family farm and divided it equally among the four players and the game began. We bought an old used trailer and used it as a temporary place to reside while we built our "dream home" with our own hands.

Our dairy goat herd began with 4H projects, but by the time our children were grown, we were deep into the breeding and raising of quality animals. For several years we concentrated on Nubians; we showed all over Texas and had a busy exporting business. We no longer show or export, and our herd now includes Alpines, LaManchas and our most recent addition, some excellent Saanens.

Our goat herd incorporates some of the newer herd names with the best of some of the old, honored lines to produce quality animals. We strive for stature, good udders, good milk production, strength and longevity in our goats. As with any breeding program, it is a work in progress.

Our goats are registered/registerable with American Dairy Goat Association; we have both purebred and American animals in our herd. We are Lifetime Members in good standing.

In addition to the goats, we have an outstanding herd of Red Brangus cattle, the farm is home to chickens, geese, guineas, peafowl and ducks, and several horses grace the pastures. Itís a family affair, with grandchildren involved in many of the day-to-day activities since their families live on the farm.

Have a look around at some of the current members of our herd. Browse through our website to see more information about our herd and find out what is currently available for sale.

Thanks for visiting!
Mary & John Fenoglio, owners
American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA)

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